Ayodhya is an ancient city and the administrative headquarters of Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It shares Municipal Corporation with its neighbouring twin town of Faizabad. The city is identified with the legendary city of Ayodhya, and as such, is the birthplace of Rama and setting of the epic Ramayana. Hanuman Garhi, a massive four-sided fort with circular bastions at each corner and a temple of Hanuman inside, is the most popular shrine in Ayodhya. Ramkot is the main place of worship in Ayodhya. The temple of Nageshwarnath was established by Kush, son of Rama.other places of interest are - Darbarji Durgakali temple, Angad Tila, Shri Rama Janaki Birla Temple, Tulsi Smarak Bhawan, Datuvan Kund etc


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