Festivals in India

India is a land of festivals, where people from different - different religions celebrate their different - different festivals in their own way. A lot of festivals celebrated in India which is a true manifestation of its rich culture and tradition. In India, the people of every religion and community celebrate their culture. People celebrate festivals around the year.

In India people celebrate festivals state wise, religion and community wise so every day is a new festival. There are a lot of festivals but some of them are very famous in western countries. Also, a lot of people want to participate in these festivals like Diwali (a festival of lights), Holi ( festival of colors), Rakhi(The festival for  brother and sister bond), Baisakhi (the festival of rich culture and tradition), Ganpati( eleven days, dedicated to Lord Ganesha ), Durga pooja (Nine days for fast, faith and devotion) etc.

For Indians, festivals are not just a festival that is a way to be happy and to show their feelings and emotions regarding their culture. People put all the energy, they spent a lot of money to celebrate these festivals. People especially go shopping they buy new clothes, jewelry sweets, and decoration items, etc it is a strong part of the Indian economy. Indian markets always grow due to festivals and merchants, shopkeepers and businessmen have eagerly waited for festivals.

In this busy and fast life, everybody is busy with their work but the festivals connect us to each other. Festival in India means vacations for the people they visit their relatives and enjoy the moments. You can also enjoy lots of gazette holidays and can plan a trip across the country.

Diwali – The grand festival of lights

Diwali is one of the most loved Hindu festivals in India,  Is celebrated in the month of Kartik(either October or November) every year. According to Hindu mythology, this festival is celebrated due to the return of Lord Ram with Sita and his brother Lakshman after a long exile of 14 years. On the occasion of Diwali houses and shops decorated with clay lamps, lights, candles, flowers, Mango leaves, and rangoli(beautifully decorated designs on the floor). It is the most celebrated festival in India. People wear new clothes, participate in family pooja, firecrackers, and share sweets and gifts as a greeting with family, relatives, and friends.

Holi – Festival of Beautiful Colors''

 Holi is a festival of colors that comes in the month of Falgun (almost March) every year. According to Hindu mythology, Holi is a significance for the victory of goodness on evil. On Holi eve, people make Holika bonfire and celebrate the Holika Dahan ( bonfire) by performing pooja and dancing. On the day of Holi people celebrate the Holi by applying colors on each other faces with carrying water guns and water-filled balloons. People make different types of dishes and enjoy dancing and beautiful colors. Holi makes people equal all were covered with colored faces. It defeats all the evils – no one is poor or rich. No racism, everybody is just a human being. When you will visit in someone home they will offer you Gujiya (sweets). Holi is a festival which connects- color to color, friend to friend, family to family, Relatives to relatives.

Rakhi – The festival of brother and sister bond

Rakhi is one of the famous festivals, in the list of festivals in India. It signifies the love and the bond between brother and sister. On the occasion of Rakhi a sister performs Aarti (prayer) to brother, apply tika (making a colored mark on forehead), and ties a rakhi (a sacred thread) on his wrest and the brother takes a pledge that he will protect his sister. Bhai Dooj is another festival that is similar to the rakhi. It comes after Diwali every year.

Baisakhi – The festival of rich culture and tradition.

Baisakhi is one of the most famous festivals in India which is specially celebrated in Punjab by the Sikh community. It is celebrated every year when the new crops of rabi come, Baisakhi is a way of welcoming the new crops. On the day of Baisakhi people perform the dance with excitement. It represents the happy, rich culture and tradition of India.

Pongal – The festival of rangoli and savories

Pongal is a four-day-long harvest festival that is celebrated in South India. It is a famous festival in south India. On the occasion of Pongal people make Pongal dish, they wear their traditional attire. People celebrate this festival by making Kolam designs (traditional design made on the floor by rice, colors, powder, and flower petals), sweets and savories, cattle race, etc.

Onam – Welcoming the Supreme Warrior Mahabali

Onam is one of the national festivals of India; Onam is celebrated annually, all over India with its origin in the Kerala state. It is 10 days festival, which fills the hearts of people with gaiety and brings them together to be a part of this cultural festival. It signifies the homecoming of the legendary king Mhabali (grandson of Prahlad). During Onam, people wear traditional dress, decorated house with Pookalam (designs on the floor), and prepare Onasadya (a meal which includes 13 dishes). People celebrate this festival by performing Kathakali dance, Kaikottikali (clap dance), and Vallamkali (snake boat race), etc.

Festivals play a very important role in our life. In this new busy era, we all forget our social life we are just living our life in cell phones/the internet. We are losing physical interaction but festivals give us a chance to live our social life. It provides us a way to be happy and infective with our family and relatives.

“Festival is a way to show love and respect towards nature, people and things”. NAMASTEY


Shopping In India

India is a land of diversity, and it is famous for its amazing market of fabric, jewelry, shoes, spices, Handicraft and souvenirs. People love shopping and if you are a shopaholic and good in haggling/bargaining then India offers you the fabulous markets to lost yourself into these.

India is shopper’s Heaven, It offers you particular market for particular Things like if you are looking for Handicraft and Bangles then Jaipur has a particular Indian Shopping Bazaar (market) for these things you may lost in these markets because of their charm the markets are totally decorated like a Banquet hall, Same for sarees, Jewelries, ornamentals bridle dresses, textiles etc.

The market of India offers millions of products and variety to their customers but there are top 10 best things to buy in India are Indian clothes, Textiles, jewelry and bling, Tea, Arts and crafts, Skin care product, shoes and handbags, Books music and movies, Scented products, Pashmina and other shawls.

Indian markets are unique itself for spices and Fabric like Silk, Cotton, Khadi etc. You may find the traditional wear like Salwar- kurtha (a loose trouser and a long tunic), Sarees, Dupatta (scarf) easily in very cheap price. India is also known as Unique Selling Point, it is a selling point of lot of countries, and people particularly came here for shopping from other countries.

Whenever you will visit, you will find souvenirs in India, outside every temple, every market, every fair, every festival. It looks so fascinating on display some souvenirs are highly demanded like – Painted teapot, Picture frames, Cooper vessels, paintings, crafted gifts and jewelry boxes.

If you are wondering in the Indian market, a lovely and amazing smell of food drew you to the restaurant or food stall, Indian food can steal your heart because of its flavored spices and amazing taste, Indians has a lot of dishes to serve the guests. Some dishes are lovable like butter naan, Garlic Naan, Biryani, Palak paneer, Dosa, Samosa, Dal Makhni etc.

Shopping in India is like an adventure and thrill you have to choose the best from a lot of variety, it will make you little confuse but we assure you that you will definitely enjoy shopping in India you have to learn haggling/ Bargaining for Indian shopping market, But some shops and malls do not allow bargaining they have fixed price of products.

“There is a little bit magic found in buying something new.”

"Rebecca Bloom"



Yoga In India

Yoga, it comes from the Sanskrit word Yog, It means union, which links or connects your soul with God. It is an ancient art to present your prayers to god. It is not just about exercise but it is Physical, Mental, and spiritual practice. The purpose of Yoga is not only to make you fit or attractive but it wants to make you happy, healthy, and wealthy.

The motto of yoga is

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत् ॥

It means, all may be happy, all may be free from disease, all may witness wonderful incidents and no one face trouble in their life.

India is the beginning source of yoga, there is nowhere like India in the whole world to learn yoga. Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna (also known as yogeshwar) gave us different kinds of Yoga like Karma yoga, devotional yoga, and love yoga. India is the best place to learn about yoga, Yoga teacher training courses, and yoga retreats.

Yoga associate to the world. But it has abode in India.

India offers all yoga-related courses like Yoga for beginners, Yoga teacher training, Hatha Yoga, Diploma in Yoga, Degree in yoga etc. There are a lot of institutions and yoga ashrams in India which give a pleasant environment to experience yoga. It will fill your body and mind with bliss.

The yoga tradition is still very strong in some places like Uttarakhand where Rishikesh is located and it is known as the capital of yoga, every year in the month of March ( 01 March to 07 march ) we celebrate the international yoga festival. Millions of people come here to learn and enjoy yoga or to experience yoga. Yoga is a mantra (a sentence or word which can be chanted) or a way to find yourself.

Yoga is an art of living, it can give your life a direction or discipline to live, yoga teaches us how to live the life with health and happiness, what and how we should eat, it gives you sense what is digestive and healthy and it is a way to be Happy to happier, In this fast, stressing and disappointing time yoga is boon for all of us.


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