Rajasthan is a geographically diverse region that can fascinate you every moment. Rajasthan is a vibrant state where tradition & history blend with contemporary lifestyles. Rajasthan is the life of India, essence of our country. From desert scrub to holy lakes, it is diverse. Quite literally, what with Jodhpur being the Blue City, Jaisalmer being the Golden City, Jaipur being the Pink city and Bikaner the Red City. Rajasthan is the land of Kings, brave warriors, camels, bandhini, traditional delicious cuisines, fascinating forts and palace, romance, wars and tragedy. Legend says that Rajasthan is home to Rajputs who have ruled Rajasthan for 1000 years and the fascinating part is that they claim to have originated from the sun, moon and fire.

This is some place that truly depicts the composite essence of India and its celebration of life itself. Walk through the ancient alleyways; treat your senses with its celebrated art forms and tempting flavoursome food.

The climate of Rajasthan can be hot and scorching during the summers. There is nothing like best time to visit Rajasthan, than the months of Octobers and March, when the weather is often cool and pleasant. The chilled evenings these times means an opportunity to sit beside bonfires, sample local food and enjoy traditional arts forms.

Rajasthan makes for wonderful destination for a short touring holiday for any visitor. A week-long tour is ideal for any first timer to Rajasthan.

Discover the true essence of India that is vibrant, spiritual, outgoing and perpetually fascinating that cover State’s Capital Jaipur, Marvelous Ajmer, Holy City of PushkarBlue City Jodhpur and desert city of Bikaner. Move at easy pace avoiding fort-and-temple glut and escape the tourist hordes.


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