Delhi is a City and also a Union territory of India as well as the Capital of India. it has been the capital since the Mughal Era.
It's a symbol of India's Rich Past and Thriving Present. Delhi is a City where india's ancient and modern eras blen together with
culture, Lifestyle and Society. The history of Delhi is as old as the ancient era of mahabharata. that was the time when this city
was called Indraprastha. this was the place where Pandavas lived. Just a century ago, the British moved their empire from calcutta
to Delhi, and it's been the Capital ever since. Having so many monuments, ancient forts and tombs Delhi has way much more to Discover.

Even today, we can have a spectacular glimpse into the rich past of Old Delhi with it's maze of narrow lanes, old forts and prosperous
Markets. Delhi is a combination of Rich History and modern metro sustem, Flit markets and Delicious eating places. This is a city that is
home to a millions of dreams of becoming something better.


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