Why should Visit India?

India- It’s one of the most enthralling and exotic travel destinations on earth. Tantalizing food, warm people, ancient and rich culture, heritage buildings and majestic temples, fairy tale forts, glorious colors, sacred rivers, pioneers of yoga. Travel in India is an experience not to be missed - “It can change your life”.

Where should we visit India first?

India is known for its beauty in different parts, We would like to suggest that you should start your tour with Golden triangle. It is a triangle of three cities – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. For first time visitors, this is recommended.

What about the visa regarding visit to India?

India offers an electronic tourist visa facility upon arrival. You can apply online a minimum of five days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 30 days. Suppose- You have applied on October 05 so you can select your arrival date from 10 October to 09 November. This process is valid for single entry only and the visa validity will be 30 days from the date of arrival in India. For more information please visit  https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html

The best time to travel in India?

It totally depends on the destination and its weather condition, if you want to visit in-plane/field area then October to March is best time and if you want to visit The Himalaya then April to September is the best time like if you want to visit the valley of flowers July and August is the best time because these are Cold places and during the winter it’s hard to visit these places.

What are the things that should be carried while traveling in India?

Depending on the weather conditions, most of the area has a patchy climate. Warm in the day and cool at night, we will suggest you take easy clothes like a full sleeve shirt or top, pants, trousers, scarf, and Sunglasses to protect by heat and dust, easy and comfortable shoes including sandals, Suns cream, and don't forget to carry your medicines if you are taking them.

Is it safe for a solo traveler to travel in India

Anything can happen anywhere, It does not matter where you travel but how you travel. India is a religious country, the people are so kind, friendly, and helpful and the crime rates are low in India. If you are a woman and traveling alone in India, It is safe for you but you have to take care of your luggage and money by yourself too and sometimes a little strictness is very important for a woman.

We are not responsible for an individual's behavior, but we are responsible for how we respond to it.

What about the condition of toilets in India?

If you are traveling in India we would like to suggest you mostly use Hotels and restaurants toilets because it will neat and clean, try to ignore public toilets, and always keep the toilet paper along with you while you are traveling in India. If you are traveling by train use the A category train LIke Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi, etc.

What about the food in India?

If you are in love with food and you are a foodie, India is the best place for you, there is a variety of food and almost thousands of dishes. Indians are known for their tasty and spicy food. Some dishes are so loveable like – Biryani, Garlic Naan, Butter chicken, Butter Naan, Aaloo Parantha, Dal Makhni, Fish Curry, Saag, Palak Paneer, Dosa, Rasam, and many more.

What are the most famous destinations in the east, west, north, and south India?

All four directions are different from each other and they have different qualities.

East India – The famous attractions of East India are a combination of nature, adventure, and a romantic gateway. There are a lot of picturesque views like snow-covered mountains, green land of tea, lakes, huge waterfalls, etc. It is also known for its unique outfits and cultural dances.

Kolkata - The gateway to the east

Darjeeling and Gangtok 

Kaziranga National park

Bodh Gaya

West India – West India are famous for their culture, monuments, and food. There is a variety of foods. You may find street food to well-furnished restaurant food very easily. People carry traditional dresses and the Rajasthani dance is very famous there.

Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Goa

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer 

Kutch, Somnath, Ahemdabad, Gir, Pushkar

North India – North India is basically known for different types of culture, after every 50 km, you will find different-different cultures and languages. There is natural beauty like the valley of flowers, waterfalls, meadows, and ancient temples in the lap of the Himalaya.

Delhi, Agra, Amritsar, Dharmshala and McLeodganj

Shimla, Manali, Chandigarh, Dalhousie

Nainital, Haridwar,  Rishikesh, Dehradun, and Mussoorie 

 Mathura, Vrindavan, Varanasi, Lucknow

South India - South India is very famous for its temples, beaches, sunset, and river. There is a great pharmacy of coconut, it is also known for adventure activities like canyoning, Bamboo rafting, Banana boat rafting, coracle riding, rock climbing, paragliding, etc.

Kerala, Cochin, Munnar 

Karnataka, Coorg, Mysore, Hampi, Mhabalipuram

Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Kanyakumari, Pondicheery


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